Battle Days with a Nordic Profile

26. September 2017 | Nyborg Castle

The annual Battle Days in Nyborg will henceforth be called Nordic Battle Days, and the castle scene for the great battle will be expanded.

With its new name, Nordic Battle Days, the event aims at a more Nordic and international reputation, when it happens on September 9 and 10.

The knights come from the whole kingdom

In the Middle Ages, nobles, knights and squires took part in tournaments, where they competed against each other in several teams, in a similar way to the great battle during the annual battle days in Nyborg.

“The goal of the Battle Days is to spread the story far and wide about the Middle Ages and to set the stage for what a medieval battle could have looked like. When the Battle Days now will be Nordic, it is to give a more realistic picture of the battles of the past and their cultural composition. The knights came from the whole kingdom - which is to say, also from Norway and Sweden,” says curator Mathias Tryggedson, who is the coordinator of the battle days for the Museums of Eastern Funen.

Nordic reenactors to Nyborg

When the knights and nobles meet for the Danehof Parliament with the king at Nyborg Castle, they have come from all ends of the kingdom. During the Kalmar Union, which was formed during the reign of Queen Margrethe 1, the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden were united into one kingdom, in a union. The combined kingdoms were the geographically largest country in Europe. In practice, this meant that while the Danish regent made a great effort to fill important administrative positions in the union with Danish nobles, Swedish and Norwegian nobles were represented at the royal court at Nyborg Castle.

To strengthen their Nordic profile, the arrangers of the battle days this year have given special weight to hunting down and inviting reenactors (people who bring history to life by dressing in historical costumes and recreating historical events or battles, editor) from the Nordic countries. At the previous years’ battle days, there has also been a large international presence.

The Battle Scene expands

Once again this year, castle construction continues. It’s not only Nyborg Castle that’s facing construction. At last year’s Battle Days, we started building a castle for the big battle, to be part of the story about medieval sieges. The plan is now to expand this castle, raising the tower higher up, and building a castle gate. The castle will be a direct part of the battle skirmishes, so we can set the stage for medieval defence and seige techniques.


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