Christmas at the Mayor’s Yard

27. November 2018 | Nyborg Castle

Experience the special Renaissance atmesphere at the Mayor’s Yard!

On November 23, the Mayor’s Yard opens its doors to the Christmas season!

Opening hours: Tues.- Sun. from 11 AM to 4 PM (from November 23 until December 22)

Visit the museum café and the museum shop at the Mayor’s Yard, where there are lots of good ideas for special Christmas presents, hostess gifts and calendar presents, plus old-fashioned Christmas decorations on all the shelves.

Christmas Market

There are lots of activities and market stalls at the Mayor’s Yard during “Christmas in the Old Royal Town”, on the first and second weekend in December. Come on by and enjoy the Renaissance-Christmas atmosphere!



Jakob and Johanne invite you to come inside
During opening hours
Mayor's Yard

Come along with Jakob and Johanne on an exciting tour in the Mayor’s Yard.


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