Culture on the brain

05. March 2019 | Museums of Eastern Funen

Tue Skovgård Larsen, Birgitte Kjøller and Nicolai Knudsen from the Museums of Eastern Funen are ready to give some good experiences to people dealing with dementia.

The Museums of Eastern Funen, along with several municipal cultural institutions, have joined forces with the municipal dementia department to create the project “Culture on the Brain”. It will give younger people suffering from dementia various cultural experiences, in addition to giving their caregivers a break. The project will take 10 months to complete and consists of two groups of participants, each of which will be offered creative and cultural activities twice a week.

They will try their hands at medieval weapons

At Nyborg Castle, the activities will be a bit more physical. As Nicolai Knudsen says, “History doesn’t need to be a long list of dates, or who is the best to memorize the chronology of Danish kings. Instead, the participants will try their hands at medieval weapons. From swords to catapults!”

For body and soul

Tue Skovgård Larsen will take participants out into nature, where activities for body and soul and exciting stories about nature are the focus. Tue explains: “There is no big difference between what this group of participants wants to get out of a walk in the woods or a trip to the beach compared to you or me. But there’s a difference in how it’s explained.”


Danehof 2020
3.-5. juli 2020
Nyborg Castle and city

Medieval market, knights and much, much more. In the first weekend of July each year, we uphold the tradition from the Middle Ages and gather in Nyborg to celebrate Danehof.


Hollow tree trunks gave Nyborg residents clean water
10. January 2020
Nyborg Castle

The water supply of olden times in Nyborg has revealed itself under the town square.

The lords and ladies of the castle were not vegetarians
10. January 2020
Nyborg Castle

Deer, elk, fish, pork and beef: they lived well at Nyborg Castle, back when it was inhabited by feudal overlords and kings.

Tiles with coats of arms indicate a high-status environment
10. January 2020
Nyborg Castle

Shards of tiles with family crests reveal that King Christian lll established his jousting ground in a town with rich and influential citizens.

New knowledge about the castle cats
10. January 2020
Nyborg Castle

The mummified castle cats will be investigated and conserved in connection with the castle project.