Gigantic logs will be the bearing beams of the North Wing

27. November 2018 | Nyborg Castle

At this moment, tree trunks weighing several tons and measuring up to 14 metres in length are being transformed into majestic beams to be used as the bearing construction in the new North Wing at Nyborg Castle.

In March, the huge Douglas firs were felled in a forest near Silkeborg in Jutland; now they are ready to be sawed into beams, so they can dry in time to be used in the building of the North Wing.

At the sawmill “Grønagergård”, they decided to take advantage of the opportunity to buy a saw so big that its like is not found elsewhere in Denmark. It can saw wood up to 1 metre in thickness and up to 14 metres in length, and is the only saw in the land that can take on such a task at one go.

The saw, which was obtained from Germany, had to be reinforced to be able to handle the big tree trunks, each of which weighs 8 or 9 tons. On the other hand, it is fast. It only takes 2 minutes and 8 seconds for the big saw to cut a 14 metre long trunk lengthwise.

Piece by piece, each of the Douglas fir trunks will be carefully cut so that the heartwood, and thereby the strength of the wood, is preserved. Slice by slice, handsome, broad planks will be cut away. These will later be usable as broad tabletops, etc.

35 gigantic beams are on order for Nyborg Castle from Grønagergård Sawmill, and another 55 or so smaller beams are included in the order. When they have been sawn to specification, they will be stacked to dry at the sawmill, where they will remain for approximately 1 1/2 years. Then they will be put to use.

The picture shows a sawn plank lifted off the log by a fork-lift.


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