Keep your brain and your body in shape

05. March 2019 | Nyborg Castle

Stay healthy in nature

15 people from Nyborg, ages 55-75 years, meet once a week out in nature. They know that it’s healthy for their bodies, minds and souls to get exercise, which is why they have signed up for a 12-week program arranged by NGIF’s (Nyborg Gymnastics and Sports Association) Gymnastics and Athletics in collaboration with the Museums of Eastern Funen.

“Keep your brain and body in shape” is a training program that takes place entirely in nature and which consists of activities that benefit both body and brain. Along with Nicolai Knudsen and Tue Skovgård Larsen from the Museums of Eastern Funen, 15-20 older people are doing physical activities that introduce them to new ways to experience nature, challenge their motor skills, their senses, and their physical and mental capabilities, while, at the same time, they gain insight into the culture of medieval combat and play.


King Christian II and the Crusade to Greenland
4. april - 31. oktober
The Mayor's Yard

Come and see the exhibition about Christian II and the Crusade to Greenland.

Danehof 2020
3.-5. juli 2020
Nyborg Castle and city

Medieval market, knights and much, much more. In the first weekend of July each year, we uphold the tradition from the Middle Ages and gather in Nyborg to celebrate Danehof.


Hollow tree trunks gave Nyborg residents clean water
10. January 2020
Nyborg Castle

The water supply of olden times in Nyborg has revealed itself under the town square.

The lords and ladies of the castle were not vegetarians
10. January 2020
Nyborg Castle

Deer, elk, fish, pork and beef: they lived well at Nyborg Castle, back when it was inhabited by feudal overlords and kings.

Tiles with coats of arms indicate a high-status environment
10. January 2020
Nyborg Castle

Shards of tiles with family crests reveal that King Christian lll established his jousting ground in a town with rich and influential citizens.

New knowledge about the castle cats
10. January 2020
Nyborg Castle

The mummified castle cats will be investigated and conserved in connection with the castle project.