King Valdemar “Another Day” on Eastern Funen

18. February 2016 | Landscape and Archaeology

The museum has long wished to investigate the area where King Valdemar Atterdag won a battle at the Borisholm fortress near Urup. The battle was an important step towards conquering Funen. King Valdemar’s haste in recapturing Borisholm can shed more light on the theory that Urup and Tvevad, another local fortress, were advanced positions in relation to Nyborg. The battle is thus an indirect part of the larger story about the balance of power in the land and about Nyborg’s role as a central, military and political pivotal point for the royal power.

Detector Day on the anniversary of the Battle of Urup
Right on the date of the Battle of Urup, November 11 2015, a detector day was held, involving metal detector enthusiasts who are connected to the Museum of Eastern Funen, to find traces from the battle. Earlier, a bolt from a crossbow had been found, among other things.

New methods used for battle studies
For several years, archaeological investigations have taken place on the battlefield where the Battle of Nyborg took place on November 14, 1659. A small group under the leadership of Jesper Olsen has studied the battlefield, using archaeological methods, map studies and written accounts, giving them a whole new understanding of the battle. In addition, they have developed new methods in the field of battle archaeology.

Internationally, battlefield studies has been an active field of research, while not much was done in Denmark. The battle studies carried out by the Museums of Eastern Funen are therefore more than just a few men with detectors in a field. The are a small unit in close cooperation with the Museums’ Department for Landscape and Archaeology in Ladby. In addition to developing methods and tools, the unit engages in research and generates experiments.

Bonus info: The nickname “Another Day”, given to King Valdemar IV, refers to his tenacity and the fact that he always forged ahead. If things didn’t work out today, tomorrow was “another day”.


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Hollow tree trunks gave Nyborg residents clean water
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The lords and ladies of the castle were not vegetarians
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Tiles with coats of arms indicate a high-status environment
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Shards of tiles with family crests reveal that King Christian lll established his jousting ground in a town with rich and influential citizens.

New knowledge about the castle cats
10. January 2020
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