New Department Head for Nyborg Castle

27. November 2018 | Nyborg Castle

The current department head from the Johannes Larsen Museum will be starting at Nyborg Castle as new department head there, from December 1, 2018.

With Janus Møller Jensen’s decision to say yes to a position as director of Koldinghus Museum, a need arose to fill the position as department head at Nyborg Castle.

At the moment, the agenda at Nyborg Castle is all about restoration, expansion and dissemination of  information, and the next three years will be spent steering the Castle Project and keeping track of the financial side of it, as well as running the administration of the museum, until the newly restored castle can be opened in 2021.

The focus is on continuity

The leadership of the Museums of Eastern Funen and the Board of Directors have therefore made the continuity of the Castle Project their highest priority, and they have strengthened the resources of the project management by naming Mette Ladegaard Thøgersen, PhD., as the new department head at Nyborg Castle. Mette Ladegaard Thøgersen has been employed at the Museums of Eastern Funen since 2007 and been appointed as department head in several other of the museums’ departments since 2009.

“To achieve the needed continuity in the many processes in connection with developments at Nyborg Castle, it was, in the view of the leadership, obvious that Mette Ladegaard Thøgersen should be urged to take the position. We feel that she has the right qualifications and the necessary insight to carry the project forward, and we’re very pleased that she has said yes,” according to Ivar Hviid, who along with John Vilhelmsen comprises the leadership of the board of directors of the Museums of Eastern Funen.

Full familiarity with Nyborg’s past and present

Mette Ladegaard Thøgersen has a PhD in history and already has a thorough understanding of the “Heart of the Kingdom of Denmark” project, which she took part in as early as 2010 through her position at the time as the museums’ department head for Landscape and Archaology.

Experienced department head

On the administrative and leadership levels, Mette Ladegaard Thøgersen comes well prepared. During 10 years as a department head at the Museums of Eastern Funen, first in the department for Landscape & Archaeology and then at the Johannes Larsen Museum, Mette Ladegaard Thøgersen has garnered great experience with museum management, personnel leadership and the organization of exhibitions, events and activities.

New professional challenges await

Mette Ladegaard Thøgersen is looking forward to her new position as department head in Nyborg. “I’m excited about the new professional challenges at Nyborg Castle and the Mayor’s Yard, and about working more closely in my field, history. I’m especially keen to become part of the big restoration and  educational project at Nyborg Castle, which I’ve participated in before, but from the sideline. Now I can forge ahead with full power.”


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