New glass in the castle windows

05. March 2019 | Nyborg Castle

New green panes of glass have been made by hand and blown according to the original method.

As part of the restoration of Nyborg Castle, many of the panes of glass in the castle’s 124 windows have been replaced. In fact, the firm of glaziers in Odense, Redtz, ordered almost 1000 new panes of glass for the castle. It is not only the few broken panes of glass that have been replaced, but also in the many windows where new glass was installed throughout the years, that does not live up to the original colour or quality.

Almost a thousand new panes

The close to one thousand new panes that now have been leaded in the beautiful windows were made at Lambert’s Glassworks in Germany, close to the border with the Czech Republic. In the Middle Ages, this region was famous for glass production, and “Bohemian Glass” has been a hallmark of fine glass ever since.

Blown by mouth and handcrafted

The glassworks “Glasshüte Lamberts” specializes in manufacturing glass using old methods, and all the new panes of glass in the castle windows are therefore blown and handcrafted. The light, bottle-green colour of the castle’s windows was carefully chosen and manufactured. Bohemian glass was always green in the Middle Ages because of iron and copper in the sand they used. It wasn’t until the 1500’s that a technique was invented to clean the sand so they could produce clearer glass.

The lord of the castle also ordered glass

This is not the first time that so many panes of glass have been ordered for Nyborg Castle. In 1658, the lord of the castle ordered 1248 new panes of glass for the castle windows because of the widespread destruction of the castle during the Swedish Wars.


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