New life for the garrison building on the palace ground

26. March 2018 | Nyborg Castle

A fine, new view has opened up of the Royal Palace at Nyborg Castle, while materials from the yellow building are on their way to finding new uses.

It’s just about time to cut the first turf for the big castle project in Nyborg. The archaeological excavations are basically finished, engineers have tested the subsurface, and the preserved remains and artefacts have been secured and registered. One of the last projects on the list is the current demolition of the remaining workshop building from the garrison days.

The yellow building is from the mid-1800’s when Nyborg Castle was a military garrison. After the garrison was closed, the building has been used as a caretaker’s cottage, a private residence and its last function was as an office building for the Museums of Eastern Funen. It will soon be taken off the list of protected buildings.

The materials from the building will be reused as much as possible, and be given new life in other buildings. The roof tiles will create a new roof for the miller’s house at the Johannes Larsen Museum, the many yellow bricks will be cleaned and sold as recycled bricks in Svendborg, and all the old windows will be carefully removed so they can be reused. The yellow bricks from the other yellow workshop building were, for example, used to build the wall higher at the Mayor’s Yard Museum in Nyborg.

The area where the garrison building is now will become a green, park-like spot for the people of Nyborg and the museum’s guests to enjoy. At the same time, the view from Slotsgade St. to the Royal Palace will be opened up, looking over traces of the castle’s outer walls. There will be no archaeological excavation on the site; any foundation remains underground will be left to future archaeologists to explore.

Janus Møller Jensen, department head at Nyborg Castle:
It is a bit sad to see one’s old office disappear. That’s where the stage was set for the big castle project originally. We have had many years of everyday life in those rooms. It is reassuring that parts of the house can be used in other places. It will also be fantastic to see our visions for Nyborg Castle becoming reality. The new outer walls will accentuate the Royal Palace (the part of the castle which has always been there) and clarify how it connected to its original surroundings.


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