Nyborg Castle gets a quarter of a billion kroner

13. April 2015 | Nyborg Castle

The unique historic preservation zone around Nyborg Castle and the Town Hall Square will be restored and revitalized. Most of the funds needed for the project are now in place.The project’s vision is to recreate the historic whole and, at the same time, bring new life to the area. The project’s creators are: the Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties, the Municipality of Nyborg, the Realdania Foundation, the A.P. Møller Fund and the Museums of Eastern Funen.

Nyborg Castle and the Town of Nyborg have been a centre for the country since the Middle Ages. The first Danish constitution was signed here in 1282, and Danish kings resided here for centuries. The castle was once part of a magnificent four-sided complex with a large castle ground in the middle, and is still a unique historical monument in combination with the town of Nyborg: they make up a heritage zone.

Now this connection will be made visible - both through restoration and through new buildings. The vision of the project is to recreate the heritage area around the castle and the town as an interconnected historical whole, to bring the unique heritage into play and to give it a national and international force of attraction.

The work will encompass the restoration of the (existing) King’s Palace and the watch tower (now only visible as a foundation), addition of one or more new buildings, which will make the original castle structure visible, creating a new framework for exhibition functions. At the same time, the area between the town square and the castle will be updated, to create a connection between the town and the castle.

During 2015, we expect to carry out an international architects’ competititon, in two phases. The competition will concretize the overall plan for the castle and the area around it. The building phase is expected to be complete in the course of 2019.

This spring, the Minister for Culture will seek to obtain the consent of the Danish Parliament’s Finance Committtee to carry out the project. The economic framework for the implementation of the project is a total of 276,000,000 kr. The A.P. Møller Fund and the Realdania Foundation have each consented to give 100,000,000 kr. The Municipality of Nyborg will give 35,000,000 kr. and the Ministry of Culture, via the Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties, is seeking a 41,000,000 kr. appropriation.


The project is a partnership between the Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties, the Municipality of Nyborg, the Realdania Foundation and the A.P. Møller Fund. Exhibitions and educational programs: the Museums of Eastern Funen. In connection with the building process, an ambitious educational prospect is currently being developed at the Museums of Eastern Funen.


Total economic framework: 276,600,000 kr.

The Realdania Foundation and the A.P. Møller Fund each contribute 100,000,000 kr., the Ministry of Culture contributes 41,000,000 kr. and the Municipality of Nyborg contributes 35,000,000 kr.

It is expected that the financing by the partnership will be finalized in the course of spring, 2015.


Project competition: June 2015 - March 2016

Project planning: 2016

Building phase: 2017-2019

Read more about the project’s background on the website of the Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties


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A 22 m. (72’) high watch tower will again rise above Nyborg Castle. From the watch tower, visitors will be able to see the Great Belt, and the brick walls will glow after dark! On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, the approved project description for restoring and expanding Nyborg Castle was presented in the Great Hall of the castle.

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