Old walls get new roof

07. April 2015 | The Mayor's Yard gets new roof

Borgmestergården - sommer

The level of activity and the number of visitors have increased by leaps and bounds at the Mayor’s Yard. In 2016, the many guests will be able to experience the historic rooms under a brand new roof. The municipality of Nyborg brought this piece of good news to the museum at the beginning of 2015.

The Mayor’s Yard is one of the most well-respected and best-presevered merchant yards in the entire country. With its central placement it had great significance for Nyborg during its heyday in the 1600’s. Today, the museum is dedicated to the goal of making sure that the old merchant yard maintains its dignity and its importance for the town, along with running the yard as a lively place for spreading knowledge about the past, for all of Nyborg to enjoy.

During the past year, there have been workshops at the Old Smithy and with the Costume Guild, both of which have shown, and told, about the history of the Merchant’s Yard. In addition, we have changing exhibitions and take part in “Christmas in the Old Royal Town” - a Christmas market that just keeps on growing. Our many initiatives have borne fruit in the form of significant increases in the number of visitors and shoppers in our museum shop; plans for the coming years predict an even more prominent role for the Merchant’s Yard, in terms of exhibitions and teaching activities, in connection with the ongoing building and restoration of nearby Nyborg Castle.

Therefore it is especially fortunate that museum visitors will soon be able to admire the new roof on the Merchant’s Yard, from without and from within. The Merchant’s Yard is a protected building, owned by the municipality, and therefore it is the municipality’s job to maintain it. In 2013, the municipality of Nyborg paid for a new gable on the red merchant’s yard. The roof work will be carried out under the direction of an historic preservation architect, who will assure that the roof is replaced with the utmost respect for authenticity.



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