The Castle Concerts’ last summer at the castle

20. June 2017 | Nyborg Castle

The 2017 marks a milestone for the illustrious concerts at Nyborg Castle; they have been held for 35 years in King Christian III’s beautiful Great Hall.

But now the castle is about to be rebuilt and changed; we face an exciting period with new cultural partners. At the same time, we at the museum are caught by surprise, on an almost daily basis, by new archaeological finds at the castle, which makes us reconsider how best to rewrite the history of Nyborg’s significance for the kingdom of Denmark.

Opera and operetta in the summer night

In spite of difficult access and problems during the break, Castle Concerts has decided, along with the Nyborg Castle administration, to carry out the 35th season in the castle, despite the annoyances this may present. At the same time, a program has been chosen that, in many ways, tells the story about music at Nyborg Castle throughout the last 35 years.

The concerts will begin on July 16 with charming opera and operetta in the summer night, when Nyborg’s own Jacob Beck, with his usual sure hand at the piano, ties the threads together in the company of two talented singers, soprano Philippa Kold and tenor Bo Kristian Jensen.

Brass players on bicycle tour

Later, Nyborg will be graced with a royal visit, from the world’s oldest orcestra, on a bicycle tour of Denmark, nonetheless. “Brass on Bikes” is part of the Royal Danish Brass, which in its turn is formed from the elite of Danish brass players in and around the Royal Orchestra. The royal brass players will play a varied program, taking the audience on a musical journey in time from the Renaissance up until our own time.

Later, there will be swinging jazz with “Six City Stompers”, followed by fabulous folk music with the fusion band, Basco, who have just been on tour with Danmarks Radio’s Big Band.

Prize-winning pianist

The Castle Concerts’ board of directors is very pleased to welcome a dear friend back to Nyborg Castle, when pianist Rikke Sandberg fills the Great Hall with the stirring music of Brahms and Schubert. Rikke’s appearance ties in with the prestigious Nordic Piano Competition at Nyborg Castle, where she was the prize-winner in 2004.

Carl Nielsen and Dvorák

Of course, the last chamber music concert series at Nyborg Castle, anno 2017, must also embrace Denmark’s own Carl Nielsen, who’s always of current interest and of course, from Funen. He’s the focal point of a concert on August 20, where the recreated Carl Nielsen Quartet, with Søren Elbæk as its driving force, will play not only Carl Nielsen, but Dvorák and Søren Elbæk - the composer - as well. He will play a double role in the evening’s concert.

Military music closes a distinguished run

The whole concert series closes with a correct military greeting to King Christian III, when the famous Slesvig Music Corps, on August 27, winds up the season and the good, long run at the castle, as it stands today.

“We hereby close a distinguished chapter in the 35-year history of Nyborg Castle Concerts. But we can assure our audiences that we’ll be ready to start a new, exciting chapter next year,” says Jesper Rosenkilde, who is the chairman of Nyborg Castle Concerts. 

Read more about the concert program and book your tickets for Nyborg Castle Concerts 2017 here.


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