The Dice Are Cast

28. May 2019 |

Whether we win or lose, it’s the game that matters. But there’s no doubt that the people who lost these two dice were probably annoyed!

The find of chalk pipes shows that there was also time for amusement at Nyborg Castle in its heyday in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Now the discovery of two tiny medieval dice also throws light on this aspect of castle life.

Found amongst kitchen waste

Many small details from the history of Nyborg Castle are coming to light in the meticulous follow-up work following the archaeological excavations at Slotsholmen. In the context of the excavations, the large amounts of soil contained an abundance of pottery and traces of bone fragments from fish and meat, which had been thrown away in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The countless scales and bone parts have since been carefully reviewed, cleaned and sorted. They are an important source of knowledge about what was served at the Castle in the past, and it is clear that fish, game, beef and lots more featured on the menu. In this process, archaeologists found two little dice made of bone or antler.

The larger of the dice appeared when the soil from the excavations was carefully screened. The other turned up when remnants of animal bone were cleaned and sorted. It is just about 4-mm square and was hidden away in the cavity of the bone of a pig that may have been served for dinner at the Castle.


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The Dice Are Cast
28. May 2019

Found amongst kitchen waste