The Knights have Departed and Danehof is Over

26. September 2017 | Nyborg Castle

Foto: Emil Andresen

Almost by a medieval miracle, there was no rain during the Danehof-weekend. The weather reports had looked just as murderous as the knights’ clubs do during battles on the jousting ground. Rain had slashed down all week, and only through a huge effort on the part of the volunteers was the jousting ground ready for the knights on Saturday morning. But then it cleared up, and Danehof 2017 could begin.

Lots of people came to the Danehof Tournament and Market, once the sun came out. They experienced a lot of new things. The town was decorated to the nines with new garlands of flags. Members of the King’s Food Cupboard had moved to Korsgade St. and in Mellemgade St. there were hay bales, the stocks and a gallows set up, along with a new stage. There was lots to see, and entertainment; restaurants and cafés moved out into the street.

All of the actors in the historical Danehof pageant had moved out to the ramparts around the castle, since the palace square is presently one big archaeological dig, a prelude to the big castle construction project. This did not, however, result in fewer participants in the historical pageant.

“Of course, it creates some challenges, with the castle being reconstructed, but at the same time, it’s an important authentic event. It must have been just like this when King Christian III held court in the town in the mid-1500’s” (also a period of castle reconstruction) said Mathias Schmidt Tryggedsson, one of the main coordinators of the Danehof.

This year, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation is being celebrated; Christian III introduced it in Denmark in 1536 and after that time, the castle and the town became a Protestant book of royal intrique, where the king’s power would be staged. That was therefore the theme at this year’s Danehof Market.

“Christian III, Queen Christina and their children rode in the forefront of the procession; Reformation history and the struggle between Catholics and Protestants was brought to life through this historical performance,” continued Mathias.

He’s happy about the number of visitors, even if it was possibly a bit less than last year’s and the previous year’s.

“The weather leading up to this had its effect, but the many new streets around the castle make it harder to compare the turnout with previous years. We estimate that there were 30 - 35,000 visitors.”

This is confirmed by department head for Nyborg Castle and The Mayor’s Yard, Janus Møller Jensen. He’s very pleased with the recent Danehof.

“There were many new initiatives, not the least of which is the big castle project, which we were able to work around through dialogue. Bringing Korsgade St. and Mellemgade St. into play worked really well, just as we have shown that we can use the rampart area to the fullest. We will develop the concept in Mellemgade St. and Korsgade St. and hopefully recreate a connection with the Old Square and the church. Also, the construction site can be included even more in informing visitors when the actual construction gets started by next year,” he explains.

The weather stayed beautiful all weekend and was concluded by a proper thunderstorm on Monday. Thanks for this year!


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