New season at the The Mayor’s Yard

05. March 2019 |

The Museums of Eastern Funen are expanding the opening hours of the old merchant’s yard in Slotsgade (Castle Street), built by the town’s mayor, Mads Lerche, back in the 1600’s. Instead of opening at Easter, we are starting the season on March 1, and instead of opening at 11 AM, we will open earlier, namely at 10 AM.

Over the last couple of years, both the buildings and the exhibitions at the Mayor’s Yard have been renewed. The buildings have been beautifully restored so they now are as beautiful as they must have been when the complex was a rich merchant’s home and business in the Renaissance. The exhibitions have been renewed with an eye to creating teaching situations and experiences aimed at both children and adults. There are lots of things you can touch, because you have to use all your senses at Borgmestergården to understand history. Of course, there is knowledge available about life in the Renaissance that you can soak up, whether you’re a child or a grownup.


Meet Nyborg Castle’s Costume Guild
Every Friday from 10-12, March 1st to October 25th
The Mayor’s Yard

Come and try on one of their beautiful, historic costumes and get your picture taken in the picturesque courtyard.


The Mayor’s Yard starts its 2019 season
5. March 2019

The Mayor’s Yard are starting the season on March 1

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5. March 2019
Nyborg Castle

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New glass in the castle windows
5. March 2019
Nyborg Castle

New green panes of glass in the castle’s 124 windows

Culture on the brain
5. March 2019
Museums of Eastern Funen

“Culture on the Brain” gives people suffering from dementia various cultural experiences.