Prince Joachim talks about Danish History at Nyborg Castle

05. March 2019 | Nyborg Castle

Nyborg Castle has been among the places His Royal Highness Prince Joachim visitet were he talked about Danish History in a new TV series.

“I’ve always been interested in Danish History. How did we get here? We all enjoy the benefits of this society but how did it arise? Who built it up, and was it a piece of cake? Probably not. I think it’s exciting and I believe that many people feel the same as I do. Because if you don’t know the past, you’ll never be on a first-name basis with the present,” says the prince. He is in full swing with making a TV-series about Danish history with Nordisk Film Productions.

Prince Joachim is the main speaker in the series and is, at the moment, travelling all around the country filming episodes. In November, the film crew visited Nyborg to film at Nyborg Castle, and the prince had the opportunity to see the great work-in-progress being carried out to preserve the royal castle and to make it more accessible to the public. When the TV-series goes on the air, the beautiful rooms of the castle will also be under restoration, filled with scaffolding and screened off from view.

In the six episodes of the TV-series, the focus will be on who we Danes are, what we’re made of, and questions will be asked about how beliefs, power, laws, borders and symbols created us. Each episode has a theme, and Nyborg Castle will be part of the episode on power. The story of the Danehof Parliament, held at Nyborg Castle in the Middle Ages, will be told.

The TV-series will be shown on the TV station DR K in the autumn of 2019.


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