The story must be told

26. March 2018 | Nyborg Castle

Twenty-two volunteer guides will contribute to telling the story about the castle project, while construction is underway.

Even though Nyborg Castle will, in the coming years, undergo a great and dramatic change, its story must still be told. At this time, training is taking place for our large corps of volunteer guides at Nyborg Castle, so that they not only can tell about the history of the castle, but also can inform guests about the ideas behind the big castle project, and the coming years’ building and renovation work.

“This unique restoration and construction project will preserve and secure the heritage and history (of the castle) for future generations. Both the castle project and very central chapters of Danish history, connected to Nyborg Castle, will naturally be included in the story, even though there is, at the moment, no access to the castle,” says department head Janus Møller Jensen.

Tours of the castle moved outdoors

The many volunteer guides who are attached to Nyborg Castle and the Mayor’s Yard have, for many years, guided visitors through the castle and through the town. They will continue this, though the tour of the castle will now be moved outside the thick castle walls, while the castle project is underway.

“On the tour, guides tell about the castle’s history as well as the big castle project,” says curator Mathias Schmidt Tryggedsson, who is in charge of training the guides and contacting the many volunteers. “This is a unique opportunity to get close up to genuine castle construction. “We naturally want to tell much more about it and present all the facts to our guests.”

Hear all about the castle project in the upcoming castle pavilion

There are at the moment 22 volunteer guides, who along with the museum’s staff, make sure that the history of Nyborg Castle and the castle project story will be told during the construction phase. There will be just as many free guided tours as before the restoration work began, and you can still book a tour as if the castle were open.
In June, an information pavilion will open, where you can learn much more about the castle project. It will be part of the guided tour, which also will take visitors around the castle on the Nyborg ramparts, with fantastic views of the castle and the construction site. Stories only exist if they are told!


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