The winner of the architects’ competition for Nyborg Castle has been found

21. April 2016 | Nyborg Slot

It will be Cubo Architects who will design the new Nyborg Castle. The task of restoring, expanding and reinterpreting Nyborg Castle for more than a quarter of a billion kroner is the largest project of its kind in recent years.

Today the winner of the architects’ competition for Nyborg Castle has been revealed. It involves one of the most comprehensive restoration and expansion projects of its kind in many years - and the largest at Nyborg Castle since the time of Christian III (in the 1500’s).

Nyborg Castle and the town of Nyborg play an important role in our history as the medieval capital of Denmark, when it was a link between east and west Denmark. “I am pleased with the winning suggestion, which strengthens the tale about a unique era in Danish history, and seriously places Nyborg’s unique heritage on the map, internationally,” said Bertel Haarder, Minister of Culture.

A whole new castle complex

The project comprises not only a significant restoration of the existing castle building, but also the construction of a whole new wing of the castle, which will contain a new education centre and an interpretation of the outer wall, which underlines our understanding of Nyborg Castle as a fortress.

A new bridge to the castle area will give visitors an impression of how people once approached the castle.

By choosing a winning suggestion or project, the first phase of the project’s long journey towards realisation is finished. The winning suggestion will now be further refined in cooperation with the municipality and the museum, among others. Then the plans will be worked out in detail. Following this step, a district plan will be drawn up in close cooperation with the Municipality of Nyborg, and a series of archaeological excavations will also be carried out before construction can begin. The building and restoration will be completed by the end of 2019.

The project was created through a partnership between the Agency for Culture and Palaces, the Municipality of Nyborg, Realdania, the A.P. Møller Foundation and the Museums of Eastern Funen.

The combined economic basis for the project is ca. 280 million kroner. The expenses are being financed by Realdania and the A.P. Møller Foundation with donations of 100 million kroner each. The Municipality of Nyborg is contributing 35.3 million kroner while the federal government is providing 41.3 million kroner.

The Museums of Eastern Funen is working on an ambitious educational project which will show Nyborg Castle as a political and historical landmark, and will bring it to life for museum visitors.

“With the winning project, new and historical will be built together as a whole, and will strengthen our understanding and experience of this unique place in the history of Denmark, the Danehof-castle of Nyborg. At the museum we look forward to creating an animated and engaging presentation of the story of Nyborg Castle for everyone to enjoy, in a beautiful, new, functional framework,” says museum director from the Museums of Eastern Funen, Erland Porsmose.


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