Wow! Nyborg Castle will look like this!

20. November 2017 | Nyborg Castle

A 22 m. (72’) high watch tower will again rise above Nyborg Castle. From the watch tower, visitors will be able to see the Great Belt, and the brick walls will glow after dark! 

On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, the approved project description for restoring and expanding Nyborg Castle was presented in the Great Hall of the castle.

Setting new international standards

Since the winner of the architects’ competition was presented in March, 2016, the project has been further developed in accordance with the judging committee’s comments. The castle that is now presented to the public has been fine tuned and improved on several parametres. This project, costing 351 million kroner, will set new international standards for museum construction and will put Nyborg and Nyborg Castle on the world map.

The castle will get its outer wall and its watch tower back

The project includes not only the restoration of the existing Royal Wing, but also the addition of a new exhibition wing, an outer (curtain) wall, a new bridge connection to the castle and last but not least, a raising of the watch tower height to 22 m. (72’), with a sweeping view over the Great Belt for museum visitors. The final project description for the town square is expected to be approved by the steering committee in December, and we look forward to presenting this project a bit later.

The largest project of its kind

With the presentation of the project description, the public phase begins, along with work on a new local development plan for the project.

The task of restoring, expanding and reinterpreting Nyborg Castle to the tune of 301 million kroner is the most major project of its kind in Denmark in many years. It has come about in partnership with the Agency for Culture and Palaces (45 million kroner), The Municipality of Nyborg (40 million kroner), Realdania (108 million kroner), the A.P. Mølller Foundation (108 million kroner) and the Museums of Eastern Funen. In addition, 50 million kroner for new exhibitions has been earmarked. The castle is expected to be opened in its new form in 2020.


Endelig_Fra Biblioteksholmen

Endeligt_Fra vagttårnet

Endeligt_Nordøst hjørne


Endeligt_Fra Biblioteksholmen_nat



Jakob and Johanne invite you to come inside
During opening hours
Mayor's Yard

Come along with Jakob and Johanne on an exciting tour in the Mayor’s Yard.


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