Your heart has to be in it

05. March 2019 | Nyborg Castle

They could have just used screws. But when the corbels for the ceiling beams in the Great Hall at Nyborg Castle need to be fastened, it will be done with handwrought spikes.

Hinges, closing mechanisms, hooks for holding windows open and corner fittings for windows at Nyborg Castle were all reconstructed in the smithy at the Mayor’s Yard Museum. Blacksmith Lars “Lasse” Henrik Jacobsen recently delivered handwrought spikes to be used in the restoration work at the castle. They will fasten the carved corbels to the ceiling beams in the Great Hall. The spikes are made with recycled iron, probably from the Mayor’s Yard (a complex of buildings from the Renaissance), and are based upon an original spike from the castle.

Better than ordering from Germany

Restoration craftsman Jesper Steineche from S. Guldfeldt Nielsen & Co. is pleased that he gets to use these handwrought and locally made spikes which are exact copies of the originals, at Nyborg Castle. “If Lasse hadn’t been able to make them in the smithy at the Mayor’s Yard, we would have had to order them from Germany,” he said.

The right thing to do

“When Nyborg Castle again is open to the public, the handwrought spikes will basically be hidden from view. But it gives you a good feeling to know that the spikes used in the beams from the 1500’s are made to the original measurements, of the original materials and by the original methods,” tells Jesper Steineche. “The right thing to do is to have them handwrought like in the olden days. I could have used a screw, but that would have been too easy. Then my heart wouldn’t have been in it. it’s also fun to know that it’s possible to use the same techniques and materials as they did way back when.”

Blacksmith Lars Henrik Jacobsen lives in Nyborg and works as a volunteer smith in the smithy at the Mayor’s Yard.


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