After the Kings

From the 1650's until 1913

During the Swedish wars in the 1650's, Nyborg was under Swedish control. The castle, like the rest of the town and the whole country, was ravaged by the occupying forces, who left very little behind when they finally went home. Everything of value from the castle was sent to Sweden as the spoils of war, and furnishings were burned as fuel in the fireplaces.

Rumour has it that there was nothing whatsoever remaining in the castle, which actually could be true, since no inventory has ever been found that originated from Nyborg Castle.

Demolition and re-use

After the war, the king was no longer interested in staying at the plundered castle. This resulted in the castle being transferred to the army, which had its base here until 1913, when the garrison left Nyborg.

During the period when the military made use of Nyborg Castle, they changed many things according to their needs. By the end of the Middle Ages, the castle had become a four-sided complex of buildings, built around a central courtyard. During the military period, the more run-down buildings were torn down. In the 1670's, the dilapidated tower in the southwest corner was removed, and in the 1700's, most of the wings in the south, east and north followed suit. Knud's Tower was lowered to its present height, a low, empty shell, and the last remaining part of the north wing was demolished in 1873. Strange's Tower was torn down in 1789, and in 1868 the outer gallery (walkway for guards) on the castle itself removed, in order to simplify its roof construction.

The building materials thus gained were re-used in the fortifications around Nyborg and for the restoration of Odense Castle. There must also be houses in Nyborg built of recycled bricks from the castle.

Armoury and grain storage

The castle was now used as an armoury for the garrison and for storing grain. Some of the partitions were removed, and in the cellar, large openings were created in both the outer walls and the partitions to permit wagons and cannons to be shifted around. Knud's Tower was used as a gunpowder magazine, but this practice was abandoned after the big fire in Nyborg in 1797. In the middle of the 1800's, two new buildings were erected on the castle grounds, which functioned as workshops for the garrison. These buildings are still standing.


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