When the garrison left Nyborg in 1913, what they left behind was an old, dilapidated castle. Fortunately, people had their eyes opened to its historical and cultural value in time, and entrusted it to the Danish National Museum. They in turn hired restoration architect Mogens Clemmensen to restore it.

Mogens Clemmensen was good at his job, and he examined the castle thoroughly before he began his restoration work. He was aware that if he restored the castle to its medieval stage, other periods would be lost. Therefore he reconstructed details from many different periods, so that we today can "read" most of the castle's history.

With old blueprints and drawings to go by, along with archaeological results and technical studies of the building, he created the castle we see today. Something indicates that during the restoration process, he found new traces that he never described in his report. Today we can interpret his results by "reading" his restoration. Part of the history of the restoration was revealed by a study done by two architecture students and a student of medieval archaeology. They measured and investigated the castle in 1998-2000.

After Clemmensen's restoration, the castle was opened to the public.



New department head for Nyborg Castle
27. November 2018
Nyborg Castle

New Department Head for Nyborg Castle

Gigantic logs will be the bearing beams of the North Wing
27. November 2018
Nyborg Castle

Majestic beams as the bearing construction in the new North Wing

Christmas at the Mayor’s Yard
27. November 2018
Nyborg Castle

Experience the special Renaissance atmesphere at the Mayor’s Yard!

Follow the progress of the Castle Project
27. November 2018
Nyborg Castle

Get updated on the Castle Project in the info pavilion


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