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The beautiful old castle offers an experience beyond the ordinary. Feel the history when you visit one of Denmark's oldest royal castles. You can experience the story of the Danish court, the royal palace and the Kalmar Union in the authentic environment of the three banqueting halls of the castle. 
On these pages you will find all the information needed to plan a visit to Nyborg Castle. We are of course always available for advice and guidance.



The Queen Visits the Castle
28. May 2019

The Patron of Nyborg Castle – The Christiansborg of the Middle Ages, Her Majesty the Queen will visit Nyborg on Friday 31 May

Flight of Bullets
28. May 2019

A new method will reveal where bullets landed after hitting their targets. New knowledge about the Battle of Nyborg in the pipeline.

Engineering Saves the Great Hall
28. May 2019

The majestic beams in the Great Hall need to be preserved

The Dice Are Cast
28. May 2019

Found amongst kitchen waste