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Costume Guild
Meet Nyborg Castle’s Costume Guild
Sted: The Mayor’s Yard

Every Friday from 10-12, March 1st to October 25th

Come and try on one of their beautiful, historic costumes and get your picture taken in the picturesque courtyard.

Jim Lyngvild: Valdemar Sejr
Valdemar the Conqueror and the Dannebrog
Sted: The Mayor's Yard

June 16 - October 31, 2019

To mark the 800th anniversary of the year the Dannebrog fell from the sky, the Mayor’s Yard is spotlighting Valdemar the Conqueror and the Dannebrog.

Slotsguider 2019
Nyborg Castle
Keep tabs on the castle project
Sted: Stendamsgade

Wednesday to Friday from 14-16 and Saturdays from 12-14

Stop by and keep tabs of the castle project!

Meet the Nyborg Castle Costume Guild
Sted: The Mayor's Yard

Fridays in october, march and april and 29 november from 11 AM to 12 PM

Come and try on the handsome, historical costumes and hear about their history and how they were made.

Fall break
Potato holiday
Sted: The Mayor's Yard

12.-18. october 11 AM-15 PM

At the Mayor's Yard we call the fall break Potato Holiday!

Seamstresses from the Nyborg Castle Costume Guild
Sted: The Mayor's Yard

14. october to 18. october at 11AM to 3PM

You can meet the seamstresses at the Mayor's Yard!

The Mayor's Yard is open for Christmas
Sted: The Mayor's Yard

29. november - 22. december from 10 AM to 4 PM

Exhibition opening
Renaissance Christmas
Sted: The Mayor's Yard

29 november at 3 PM

The new exhibition will open!

Mads Lerche
The Lerche Family's Christmas
Sted: The Mayor's Yard

Come and experience Christmas with the Lerche family!

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Christmas in the Olde Royal Towne
Christmas market at the Mayor's Yard
Sted: The Mayor's Yard

6.-8. december and 13.-15. december 2019

Old-fashioned Christmas cheer!