Danehof 2014

Tid: July 5th and 6th, 2014
Sted: Nyborg Castle and town

The first weekend of July, all of Nyborg will vibrate with life and excitement!

The Danehof Market

The townspeople were busy getting the tournament ground ready and decorating the streets with colourful banners and the competing knights' coats of arms. For several days they have baked, fried, and boiled all the good food that the king and his court would eat. Now the knights and their ladies, tradesmen, jugglers, servants, monks and beggars alike waited for king to ride into town. Battle horses snorted, weapons and armour clanked, and eager spectators cheered for their favourites. Banners in glowing colours wreathed the scene, and everywhere the smell of roasting pig, cooking fires and horse manure pervaded the air.

The Municipality of Nyborg and the Museums of Eastern Funen are recreating this tradition, though it has been forgotten for more than 400 years. We will again gather the Danehof. Along with this meeting there will be the usual jousting tournament at the original site, the parking place in front of the town hall. In the first weekend in July, all of Nyborg will vibrate with life and excitement, just as it did when the king and his nobles met for Danehof.

At Nyborg Castle, the king met his parliament in the Middle Ages, the Danehof. This was the only place in the country where one can still go into the very same room where the parliament sat and discussed the politics of the realm. Here at the medieval Christiansborg, Denmark's first constitution was signed into law in 1282; the last murderers of a king (to date) were sentenced here in 1287. For almost two hundred years, Nyborg Castle was the place where major decisions affecting the fate of the country were made. Now Nyborg is again holding the Danehof Market. This medieval market has grown into a big event in just a few short years.

It now is held in the historic town centre, between Nyborg Castle and the Church of Our Lady (Nyborg Church), a stage setting for all the activities, with the tournament ground as the natural middle point. It buzzes, bubbles, roasts and smells around the castle and in the charming shopping streets. We recreate the atmosphere of the medieval court's magnificence and colours, when the whole town is again ready to welcome guests from near and far to the....

Big jousting tournament!
It's always something special when the king's court meets in Nyborg. Not only does the whole town have to get ready to receive all those guests. But there has to be a big jousting tournament. We are again breaking lances on the old tournament ground - the large square in front of the town hall. All of Nyborg is dressed for the celebration, and the knights meet at the tournament in such great numbers as have not been seen since the Middle Ages in Nyborg. Experience the jousting tournament again, right here where it was meant to happen, in the authentic setting of Nyborg.

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