Archaeological sandbox

Tid: All year round during opening hours
Sted: Nyborg Castle

Do you have a thing-finder inside you?

In eastern Funen there are lots of treasures from the past hidden in the soil. Some of them can be found with a metal detector.

At Nyborg Castle, you can play archaeologist and hunt for old coins in the archaeological sandbox. With a real detector, that beeps like crazy when it finds metal. Find a coin in the sandbox and trade it at the museum shop for a gold coin of genuine chocolate!
The archaeolgical sandbox is part of the exhibition “The Changeable Castle”. The sandbox is available every day during opening hours. It is free of charge to find coins.


New Reformation beer in Nyborg
20. June 2017
Nyborg Castle

A whole series of special beers have been created in cooperation with Ørbæk Brewery, Munkebo Microbrewery, Kerteminde Brew House and Brewery Refsvindinge.

The Castle Concerts’ last summer at the castle
20. June 2017
Nyborg Castle

The 2017 marks a milestone for the illustrious concerts at Nyborg Castle; they have been held for 35 years in King Christian III’s beautiful Great Hall.

The Danehof meets again
20. June 2017
Nyborg Castle

Preparations for this year’s Danehof in Nyborg have been in full swing for quite a while.

Handsome medalion found at Nyborg Castle
4. April 2017
Nyborg Slot

A small but extremely handsome medalion made from an antler was found in January by Hans Ulrik Riisgård from Kerteminde