Monkey-hunt for small explorers

Tid: 2017
Sted: Nyborg Slot

Find out how many monkeys are hiding out at Nyborg Castle. Count them and win a stuffed monkey.

More than 500 years ago, a little prince lived at Nyborg Castle. His name was Christian. Later, he was known as King Christian II.
The story goes, that when Christian was little, there was a monkey at the castle. We thiink, it must have been a chimpanzee, brought home from a crusade (a kind of trip) to Africa. The monkey loved to play. One day in 1481, he noticed little Prince Christian who slept in his cradle. The monkey thought he looked like a fun creature to play with, so he picked him up, then climbed up onto the castle roof as fast as he could. Fortunately, a servant girl who was good with animals worked at the castle. She talked the monkey into coming to her, and saved the little baby prince. When Prince Christian grew up, he became the king of Denmark.

Now the playful monkey’s cousins have moved into Nyborg Castle. We don’t quite know how many there are, because they’ve hidden in all sorts of places. We hope that you’ll help us to find out how many monkeys are hiding out in Nyborg Castle.

If you help us by counting all the monkeys, you can be part of a contest, a so-called drawing, to win your own playful stuffed castle-monkey. You just write down on the slip of paper how many monkeys there are and put it in the monkey mailbox in the museum shop.

The monkey can also be bought in the museum webshop.



New Reformation beer in Nyborg
20. June 2017
Nyborg Castle

A whole series of special beers have been created in cooperation with Ørbæk Brewery, Munkebo Microbrewery, Kerteminde Brew House and Brewery Refsvindinge.

The Castle Concerts’ last summer at the castle
20. June 2017
Nyborg Castle

The 2017 marks a milestone for the illustrious concerts at Nyborg Castle; they have been held for 35 years in King Christian III’s beautiful Great Hall.

The Danehof meets again
20. June 2017
Nyborg Castle

Preparations for this year’s Danehof in Nyborg have been in full swing for quite a while.

Handsome medalion found at Nyborg Castle
4. April 2017
Nyborg Slot

A small but extremely handsome medalion made from an antler was found in January by Hans Ulrik Riisgård from Kerteminde