The Changeable Castle

Tid: 2017
Sted: Nyborg Castle

From Danehof Parliament to Royal Residence Town - Nyborg Castle and Town Rediscovered

History only exists if it is recounted. Nyborg Castle is Denmark’s oldest existing royal fortress, and along with the town of Nyborg, it comprises a mostly forgotten and hidden chapter in Danish history. Like a sunken Atlantis, both the castle and its story is being brought back into the light. 

After six years of historical, archival and not the least, archaeological investigations about and around Nyborg Castle, we have changed people’s view of the castle and its history, both in the past, the present and the future. It has grown larger and more significant than we had imagined. In the same way, the connection between the castle and the town has been completely reinterpreted. The results have been amazing and surprising.

The exhibition “The Changeable Castle” tells the dramatic story of the castle as well as the surprising new knowledge about its building history and about the tie-in between the castle and the town, in light of the last 6 years’ archaeological excavations.


New Reformation beer in Nyborg
20. June 2017
Nyborg Castle

A whole series of special beers have been created in cooperation with Ørbæk Brewery, Munkebo Microbrewery, Kerteminde Brew House and Brewery Refsvindinge.

The Castle Concerts’ last summer at the castle
20. June 2017
Nyborg Castle

The 2017 marks a milestone for the illustrious concerts at Nyborg Castle; they have been held for 35 years in King Christian III’s beautiful Great Hall.

The Danehof meets again
20. June 2017
Nyborg Castle

Preparations for this year’s Danehof in Nyborg have been in full swing for quite a while.

Handsome medalion found at Nyborg Castle
4. April 2017
Nyborg Slot

A small but extremely handsome medalion made from an antler was found in January by Hans Ulrik Riisgård from Kerteminde