Autumn Break at the Mayor’s Yard

Tid: The Mayor’s Yard
Sted: The Mayor's Yard

Go on a search with the Lerche family - in the childrearing of the Renaissance.

The Children’s Mirror - Children’s life in the Renaissance

“Can you behave yourself?” “Did you remember everything?” I’m sure you hear that a lot. But what if you lived in the Renaissance? We’ll take you into the daily life of the Lerche family along with Jacob and Johanne. Taste their food, learn to fence, to greet people politely, try their toys - and remember to wear a ruff!

Come along on a guided tour around the Mayor’s Yard, which Mads Lerche had built in 1601, where Jacob and Johanne grew up. Meet their fencing master, the schoolmaster and others who will make sure you do your chores, and all the things you must do according to the Children’s Mirror, Denmark’s oldest children’s book from 1568.

It’s all about childrearing in the Renaissance period, and is full of rules about table manners, how to speak to adults, how to lie in bed, comb your hair, etc. You should try it! So visit the Mayor’s Yard in the fall break. There are lots of activities for the whole family.

Check out our new exhibition, “Lerche”, too, and see the other fine, new exhibitions about life in Nyborg and at the Mayor’s Yard during the Renaissance. See our usual opening hours here.

Opening hours during the autumn break:

October 16 - 20, 10 AM - 2:30 PM

The Mayor’s Yard, Slotsgade 11, 5800 Nyborg.

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Nyborg Castle is being restored
17. January 2018

A significant part of the big castle project in Nyborg is a thorough restoration of the Royal Palace and of the remains of the central watch tower. A pilot project has just begun.

Wow! Nyborg Castle will look like this!
20. November 2017
Nyborg Castle

A 22 m. (72’) high watch tower will again rise above Nyborg Castle. From the watch tower, visitors will be able to see the Great Belt, and the brick walls will glow after dark! On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, the approved project description for restoring and expanding Nyborg Castle was presented in the Great Hall of the castle.

Nyborg Castle will reopen in 2020
6. November 2017
Nyborg Slot

At the end of the 2017 season, Nyborg Castle will close for extensive renovations and expansion. In 2020, the castle will open again as a recreated 4-sided castle, with new exhibition possibilities.

Battle Days with a Nordic Profile
26. September 2017
Nyborg Castle

The annual Battle Days in Nyborg will henceforth be called Nordic Battle Days, and the castle scene for the great battle will be expanded.