Autumn Holidays 2018

Tid: October 15-19, 11-14.30
Sted: Mayor's Yard

Jacob and Johanne invite you to join their playful and creative activities

The Mayor’s Yard invites children, parents and grandparents to experience the playful universe of Jacob and Johanne.

Come to the Knight School and learn to fight with swords and shields, shoot traditional bows and arrows or dance like a perfect gentle knight.

Help our skilled cook in the old kitchen to make old-fashioned cakes or  sausages, or challenge your senses in the creative workshop where we bring the nature inside and work with leaves and autumn colours.

Try on real knight suits and old-fashioned dresses and get photographed in Renaissance-style or sew your own knight/princess-cape for your teddy bear/doll (remember to bring your own teddy bear/doll!). The door of the blacksmith will also be open these days.

Free entry for children and young people under 18.


New Knowledge About the Rampart at Nørrevoldgade
22. May 2019

Nyborg’s first rampart is situated three metres beneath the ground

New season at the The Mayor’s Yard
5. March 2019

The Mayor’s Yard are starting the season on March 1

Your heart has to be in it
5. March 2019
Nyborg Castle

Authenticity rather than the easy solution

New glass in the castle windows
5. March 2019
Nyborg Castle

New green panes of glass in the castle’s 124 windows