Meet the Lerches

Tid: March 25 to October 31, 2018
Sted: The Mayor's Yard

Meet the Lerche family, who had the Mayor’s Yard built in the 1600’s. Visit an exhibition about merchants, mayors and the Lerche family in the Renaissance.

The Lerche family made its mark on Nyborg in the first half of the 1600’s as merchants and mayors. They had the large and handsome Mayor’s Yard built, which still creates a setting for the king’s new urban space around Nyborg Castle. This is where the Lerches lived and worked, doing business in Denmark and abroad, and it was here that they made important decisions for Nyborg.

But who were they, actually? The new special exhibition, “Lerche”, takes you in under the skin of a merchant and mayor family from Denmark in the Renaissance. It is a picture of the period, of the people, the town and the times. From here, you can explore the whole Mayor’s Yard and delve deeper into the family’s, the place’s and the town’s history in a broader perspective.

The Mayor’s Yard is an historical gem located right on Slotsgade St. with a front-row view of the big castle project. Here you can go exploring into the town’s history, and try your hand in living workshops, enjoy a well-deserved break in the cozy café and the town’s most charming courtyard, as well as finding exciting gift items among the fine selection in the museum shop.


Guided tours

Hear more about the unique castle restoration project. Book a guided tour to learn about Nyborg Castle’s dramatic and significant history, and the great work of making Nyborg a candidate for UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The guided tours start in front of the Mayor’s Yard. Read more here.


The castle project

Visit the information pavilion starting on June 1. Here, you will learn a lot more about the unique and spectacular castle project, which will preserve Nyborg Castle, make it accessible for all and will tell about its history.


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