Nyborg salutes the summer with cannon fire!

Tid: Thursday, April 26th
Sted: Nyborg Wall

Cannon-salute by the water tower and warm wheat rolls at the castle
True to tradition, Nyborg will salute the summer with cannons on the eve of Prayer Day, April 26 on the Nyborg ramparts.

Marking the season
As always, Nyborg marks the coming of summer with four cannon salutes over the Nyborg rampart, a speech by the mayor and by singing a song together.

Afterwards, you can enjoy warm wheat rolls from the King’s Food Cupboard by showing a wheat-ticket. In addition, the Marine Association’s choir will entertain with good songs and high spirits.

Activities for the whole family
Because of the big excavations on the palace ground, this year’s activities will go on around the Queen’s Bastion. Nyborg Archery Guild will set up lanes, where you can try shooting with bow and arrows, and if your efforts make you hungry, you can bake your own wrapped bread (dough wrapped around a stick) over a fire.

REMEMBER to buy a wheat ticket and be quick, because there’s a limited amount of tickets for sale. A wheat ticket buys you one warm wheat roll (the traditional type of baked goods for the eve of Prayer Day), one cup of coffee, tea or juice, for 20 kr. Tickets can be purchased at the Mayor’s Yard (Borgmestergården), Slotsgade St. 9, from Tuesday, April 17, until April 26 at 3:00 PM, or as long as there are any tickets left.


The woman on the tile
26. February 2018

Nyborg Castle is being restored
17. January 2018

A significant part of the big castle project in Nyborg is a thorough restoration of the Royal Palace and of the remains of the central watch tower. A pilot project has just begun.

Wow! Nyborg Castle will look like this!
20. November 2017
Nyborg Castle

A 22 m. (72’) high watch tower will again rise above Nyborg Castle. From the watch tower, visitors will be able to see the Great Belt, and the brick walls will glow after dark! On Tuesday, November 7, 2017, the approved project description for restoring and expanding Nyborg Castle was presented in the Great Hall of the castle.

Nyborg Castle will reopen in 2020
6. November 2017
Nyborg Slot

At the end of the 2017 season, Nyborg Castle will close for extensive renovations and expansion. In 2020, the castle will open again as a recreated 4-sided castle, with new exhibition possibilities.