The Mayor’s Yard is open

Tid: March 24 to October 31, 2018
Sted: The Mayor's Yard

The Mayor’s Yard is now open for the season, with something for the whole family.

The Mayor’s Yard is an historical gem with its facade looking out on the unique heritage district around Nyborg Castle. The building’s history goes back to the 1570’s, but its present appearance dates from the merchant compound that the merchant and the town’s mayor, Mads Lerche, had built in 1601. It is a very distinguished example of Renaissance-era architecture in market towns.

In the cobblestoned courtyard, you can experience the authentic setting from Nyborg in the Renaissance period, enjoy your bag lunch or delicious things from the café. There is often lively activity at the blacksmith shop, by the wood-fired cooker in the kitchen and in the workshop of the Costume Guild; iron is forged and baking, frying, brewing and sewing are diligently done.

At the Mayor’s Yard you can explore Nyborg’s history through several exciting new exhibitions, activities and hands-on workshops, appropriate for children and their families. You’ll find exciting things in the well-stocked museum shop, too.

Read more about The Mayor's Yard here.


New life for the garrison building on the palace ground
26. March 2018
Nyborg Castle

A fine, new view has opened up of the Royal Palace at Nyborg Castle, while materials from the yellow building are on their way to finding new uses.

The story must be told
26. March 2018
Nyborg Castle

Twenty-two volunteer guides will contribute to telling the story about the castle project, while construction is underway.

The woman on the tile
26. February 2018
Nyborg Castle

In connection with the Castle Project in Nyborg, archaeologists have made interesting finds, such as a piece of a tile, showing the lower body of a woman.

Nyborg Castle is being restored
17. January 2018
Nyborg Castle

A significant part of the big castle project in Nyborg is a thorough restoration of the Royal Palace and of the remains of the central watch tower. A pilot project has just begun.