Danehof 2019

Tid: July 6 & 7, 2019
Sted: Nyborg Castle and town

Medieval Market, Food Market, Jousting Tournament and much, much more.

Danehof 2019
Every year, the Municipality of Nyborg and the Museums of Eastern Funen recreate an historical tradition that had been forgotten for more than 600 years. The first weekend in July, all of Nyborg buzzes once more with the hustle and bustle of the Danehof, when the king and his men met in Nyborg to hold parliament. There will be a jousting tournament, market stalls, tasting, eating and entertainment for kids and grownups the entire weekend. The medieval market and jousting tournament in Nyborg have grown into big events in just a few years. Now it takes place throughout the town centre between Nyborg Castle and Nyborg Church, focusing on the royal facilities with the tournament ground as its natural focal point. It buzzes, bubbles, grills and wafts with great smells, around the castle and in the quaint shop-lined streets of the town.

Danehof at Nyborg Castle
Nyborg Castle is where the Danish king held his parliament in the Middle Ages - the Danehof. This is the only place in the country where you still can go into the same room where the parliament sat and discussed the politics of the kingdom. Here at the medieval Christiansborg, Denmark’s first constitution was signed in 1282, and the last regicide (to date) who was condemned in 1287. For almost 200 years, Nyborg Castle was the setting for central decisions determining Denmark’s destiny. Now, Nyborg is again the site of the Danehof Market.

Food Market
Way back in the 1200’s, a food market was held in Nyborg on the Annunciation, July 2. This tradition has been brought back to life with a big food market on the old square in front of the Church of Our Lady. The big food and vegetable market recreates the atmosphere of activity and expectation in the town before the arrival of the king. Local merchants and producers put on the Danehof Market and they stand ready with a choice of products and dishes for the many market guests. In addition to being a feast for the eyes and the palette, the market of Our Lady also connects the town, between the castle and the church, after it was divided by a new street in 1936.

The Danehof is an important part of the development of Nyborg Castle and town into a worthy candidate for UNESCO’s World Heritage List. This major event brings the whole town centre to life as a setting for the unique history of the town, which one and all are invited to be part of.


The Queen Visits the Castle
28. May 2019

The Patron of Nyborg Castle – The Christiansborg of the Middle Ages, Her Majesty the Queen will visit Nyborg on Friday 31 May

Flight of Bullets
28. May 2019

A new method will reveal where bullets landed after hitting their targets. New knowledge about the Battle of Nyborg in the pipeline.

Engineering Saves the Great Hall
28. May 2019

The majestic beams in the Great Hall need to be preserved

The Dice Are Cast
28. May 2019

Found amongst kitchen waste