Keep tabs on the castle project

Tid: Wednesday to Friday from 14-16 and Saturdays from 12-14
Sted: Stendamsgade

Stop by and keep tabs of the castle project!

Nyborg Castle will be closed until 2023 due to restoration and expansion. But you can keep tabs on the castle project in the pavilion, where volunteer guides will update you about the latest archaeological finds, the restoration work and the plans for the castle’s expansion.
You can learn about the castle project in the Information Pavilion. There are changing exhibits with finds from the archaeological digs, samples of materials used in restoration and much more. You can also read about the castle project on large signs, and if you’d like, there is a small selection of books you can read about Nyborg Castle and other interesting topics.

Ask a castle guide
The Information Pavilion will be manned by the museum’s trained castle guides, so you’ll be able to ask questions about the castle project and about the history of Nyborg Castle, and get some answers.

Outside of opening hours
You can still get something out of a visit to the pavilion outside of opening hours, since some of the information is placed outside the building. In addition, you’ll be able to see into the pavilion through the big windows, where a wide-screen TV will show film clips about the latest developments of the castle project.
Groups have the possibility to get into the Information Pavilion outside of opening hours, by contacting the Museums of Eastern Funen.


The Queen Visits the Castle
28. May 2019

The Patron of Nyborg Castle – The Christiansborg of the Middle Ages, Her Majesty the Queen will visit Nyborg on Friday 31 May

Flight of Bullets
28. May 2019

A new method will reveal where bullets landed after hitting their targets. New knowledge about the Battle of Nyborg in the pipeline.

Engineering Saves the Great Hall
28. May 2019

The majestic beams in the Great Hall need to be preserved

The Dice Are Cast
28. May 2019

Found amongst kitchen waste