The Mayor's Yard

The Mayor’s Yard is an historical gem with its facade looking out on the unique heritage district around Nyborg Castle. The building’s history goes back to the 1570’s, but its present appearance dates from the merchant compound that Mads Lerche, a merchant and the town’s mayor, had had built in 1601.

It was passed down to his son, Jakob Lerche, who likewise became mayor. Beginning in the 1680’s, the property changed hands many times and had different functions, such as a pharmacy, a flour dealer’s store and warehouse, a mason’s home and business and the county administrator’s home and office. From 1916-22 it was restored and served as the town museum (and as the library until 1939).

In 2016, a comprehensive renovation of the building, the exhibiitons and various functions was set in motion. The renovations will be completed in 2018, when the final new exhibitions will open. The facade of the Mayor’s Yard plays its part in setting the stage for the unique, historical district that King Christian III (1536-59) created in connection with the transformation of Nyborg from a medieval royal town to a Renaissance capital for the new Protestant royal power in Denmark. Here, you can delve into the story about Nyborg in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, along with the many volunteers who help to bring history to life.

The Mayor’s Yard has many exciting exhibitions appropriate for children, as well as several historical workshops and interiors. By the entrance, there is also a museum shop with a good selection.

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Danehof 2020
3.-5. juli 2020
Nyborg Castle and city

Medieval market, knights and much, much more. In the first weekend of July each year, we uphold the tradition from the Middle Ages and gather in Nyborg to celebrate Danehof.