Nyborg - the Heart of the Kingdom of Denmark

Nyborg as World Heritage

The town and castle of Nyborg tell a unique story from Denmark's medieval period. The well-preserved castle, town and surroundings, seen as a whole, comprise an irreplaceable heritage site that can be a worthy candidate for the World Heritage List. The project "Nyborg as a World Heritage Site" has its own logo and the title: "Nyborg - The Heart of the Kingdom of Denmark". The heart symbolizes Nyborg's role as capital city, the pulsating centre of the country where important decisions were made. The royal residence's town plan is heart-shaped, and hearts decorate the royal coat of arms. The red and gold of the logo are the Oldenborg dynasty's colours; Christian III, who used the town of Nyborg as his royal residence, was a member of the Oldenborg family.

Vision, mission and goal

The title "Nyborg - the Heart of the Kingdom of Denmark" signals a close cooperation between the Museums of Eastern Funen, the Municipality of Nyborg and other interested groups. They wish to develop Nyborg Castle and town into a worthy candidate for UNESCO's World Heritage List.

The "Nyborg as World Heritage" project has its own logo and the title "Nyborg - the Heart of the Kingdom of Denmark". The heart symbolises Nyborg's function as the capital of the kingdom and the important, pulsating crossroads in the country, the place where all traffic passed through, where important decisions were made, where people met and where new impulses caught on. The royal residence's town plan is heart-shaped. Hearts decorate the royal coat of arms. The red and gold of the logo are the Oldenborg dynasty's colours; Christian III, who used the town of Nyborg as his royal residence and spent a fortune on it, was the first Danish king in the Oldenborg family.

Our vision is this: that Nyborg will be a worthy candidate to be included on the World Heritage List. There are no other Danish medieval towns on the list or on the tentative list. On the other hand, there are several medieval towns or parts of towns elsewhere in the world, on one of the lists. Our task will be to map out in what ways these towns differ from Nyborg, to discover what is unique about Nyborg in a heritage connection.

There are several things about Nyborg that can be told about the unique quality of its history, that can qualify the town as a candidate to the World Heritage List. Here are some items that strengthen this potential:

  • Nyborg as the kingdom's strategic centre.
  • Nyborg founded by the royal family and used as a royal residence for about 400 years.
  • Danehof-parliament - the medieval Christiansborg for about 200 years.
  • Margarethe Town, the planned residential area near the castle, which included a regulated landscape and fortified lagoon.
  • Christian III's new town with surrounding earthworks; it is the only remaining fortified town from his time in the country.


  • Find the good stories!
  • Think as a whole instead of in single parts!
  • Collaborate with museums, agencies and other interested groups!
  • Make cultural heritage an integrated part of the planning process!
  • Network with investors and with tourism agencies!

The first goal is to get Nyborg placed on the so-called tentative list, in other words, on the list that the Heritage Agency of Denmark proposes for inclusion on the World Heritage List. There is a long and complicated process to get there; many milestones must be passed along the way. We are working with special focus on five main goal points:

Research into the castle and the town's history:

  • PhD projects
  • Seminars
  • Lectures
  • Publications

Project to restore and rebuild the castle:

  • Restoration of the existing buildings
  • Reconstruction of known parts of Nyborg Castle (demolished in the recent past) as modern museum buildings
  • Staging the remaining (existing) buildings to give a sense of the castle in its heyday.


  • Exhibitions
  • Reenactments of historical events, etc.
  • Summer school - The Crusaders' Academy
  • School materials
  • Digital education forums

Inclusion of local citizens:

  • Training as guides
  • Volunteer groups like the Costume Guild and the Builders' Guild
  • Contests for good ideas
  • Development of products

Town Planning:

  • Heritage Master Plan - a long-term management and development plan for the town centre of Nyborg
  • Town centre renewal
  • Municipal plan

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Theory: The founder of Nyborg Castle died in the Crusades
18. June 2018
Nyborg Castle

Knud Prislavsen, who established Nyborg Castle, may have been the military commander who led a might navy on a crusade to the Holy Land, and met his fate there.

Nyborg Castle was once painted red
15. June 2018
Nyborg Castle

Nyborg Castle has changed its appearance several times since it was built in 1200 AD. New archaeological finds show that it was painted red at one time.

New life for the garrison building on the palace ground
26. March 2018
Nyborg Castle

A fine, new view has opened up of the Royal Palace at Nyborg Castle, while materials from the yellow building are on their way to finding new uses.

The story must be told
26. March 2018
Nyborg Castle

Twenty-two volunteer guides will contribute to telling the story about the castle project, while construction is underway.


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